Additional Terms of Service for the Global Elliott Wave Coverage (GEWC) services.

These terms have been updated and apply from 2023-04-23 and indefinitely into the future, unless superseded by new updates later on. These terms apply to all types of customers & clients, both private and business clients, that are subscribed to the GEWC subscription service. The use of the terms “we” or “our” or “us” in the document denotes EWT Investing and all its personnel. In the text, the terms “membership”, “service(s)”, “subscription” and derivatives of these words, refer to the same thing, i.e. the services we offer. The term “biweekly”, “bi-weekly” and other forms of this word, means once every 2 weeks.

1. General outline and general terms for the “Global Elliott Wave Coverage” memberships/subscriptions with EWT Investing.

1.1 Additional terms of service.
The terms of service on this current page ( ) are additional terms of service, building upon our General Terms of Service, which are accessible here: . Both of these documents with terms need to be agreed upon by any client wishing to purchase any of the “Global Elliott Wave Coverage” subscription services from us.
In addition to having to check the boxes signifying agreement of these terms, through the order form(s) on this website, our side receiving the payment from the client shall also be considered to be an acceptance of our both of the above mentioned and hyperlinked terms of service documents.

1.2 Description of the subscription services “Global Elliott Wave Coverage”.
The subscription services give the subscriber a user account with a specific username and password, which will enable login to the EWT Investing site (, and to access the membership-only sections of the site. After login, the subscriber has access to not only the password-free parts of the site, such as the blog and the Elliott Wave Theory guide, but also the following:
– 1 specific page for the GEWC Trades section.
– 16 specific pages, one for each of the following: S&P500 (USA), Nikkei 225 (Japan), DAX 30 (Germany), CAC40 (France), OMXSPI (Sweden), FTSE 100 (UK), BSE Sensex (India), MOEX (Russia), Bovespa Index (Brazil), Crude Oil Brent (in USD terms), Silver/USD, Gold/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, WIG Index (WIG) (Poland), TAIEX (Taiwan).
— Each of the 16 pages mentioned above, contain analyses of the market in question, on the Monthly & Weekly and Daily time frames. Additionally, we offer “Daily time frame” commentary on our adaptive channel system, with regards to each market.
— We analyze the markets using the Extended Elliott Wave Theory, as well as classical technical analysis, technical indicators and adaptive channel systems. If there is no clear Elliott Wave situation in any market, we fall back on secondary technical systems or issue a “no verdict” type of assessment for the market in question, for the time being.
—- Each of the 16 market analysis sections contain links to 4 charts for each market, they are as follows: Monthly chart, Weekly chart, Daily chart, Daily adaptive channel chart. Each of these files is provided in the PNG format, and requires a compatible internet browser or other image displaying application to view them. This however, is an extremely common industry standard file format. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that his or hers computer hardware and software is capable of displaying these charts, should the subscriber want to see them.
—– Of the 16 analysis sections, the sections for the Crude Oil Brent (in USD), DAX30 (Germany), Gold/USD, Nikkei 225 (Japan), S&P 500 (US) are updated once per week (1x week). The sections for BSE Sensex (India), Bovespa Index (Brazil), CAC 40 (France), EUR/USD, FTSE 100 (UK), MOEX Russia (Russia), OMXSPI (Sweden), Silver/USD, TAIEX (Taiwan), USD/JPY, WIG Index (Poland) are updated once every 2 weeks. An update constitutes the following: The analysis text is altered, removed, updated or added to, on any time frame we see fit, as the markets confirm or reject various scenarios outlined. If no significant change has occured on any time frame, we may leave the analysis unedited for that particular update instance except Daily time frames which are always updated. However, all 4 charts for any given market are updated.
—— The analyses, including both text and charts, can also be delivered to the client as PDF files. The client must request that this method of delivery and formatting be employed, and it is offered by our side without any extra charge incurred for the client’s side.
– 1 hour of consultation and briefing on the markets per week is included. These consultations will by default take place using instant-messaging and/or chat programs  and/or other similar communication software supplied by third parties, unless we and the client agree upon another acceptable platform/solution for the consultation.
— These weekly consultations need to be pre-booked by the client, and there is no guarantee ahead of time that times best suited to the client will be available during any given week, especially not if the client has requested the consultation on a short notice.
— These weekly consultations cannot be saved up by default, but if the client requests ahead of time to not consume consultation hours from a few given weeks, if the schedule permits it, we might agree to longer briefings during select weeks or spending one or a few previously not consumed consultation hours extra, in a given week. This will be offered at our discretion, and we shall not be held liable to offer consultations beyond 1 hour per week without extra compensation, by default.
In other words, we want to accomodate the client’s consultation needs, but cannot promise to spend anything beyond 1 hour of consultations in any given week, even if the client has not consumed consultation hours for any preceding weeks, as this could potentially lead to overstacking of work which would disrupt and detrimentally affect normal operations.
—- The client agrees that we are allowed to record any consultations carried out through audio and/or video. Any such recordings will only be kept by us for legal requirements and will not be used by us for any other purpose, and we shall not divulge any content to a third party absent legal requirements to do so. Similarly, we grant the client the right to also keep records of any audio/video consultations, as long as the client does not divulge this material to any third party absent our explicit permission to do so.

The price for the above mentioned package of services, which constitute our “Global Elliott Wave Coverage” subscription, is 25000 SEK per month ( + VAT if applicable depending on the customer jurisdiction vis-à-vis our jurisdiction).
The Quarterly package costs 68750 SEK per 3 months ( + VAT if applicable depending on the customer jurisdiction vis-à-vis our jurisdiction).
The Yearly package costs 250000 SEK per 12 months (+ VAT if applicable depending on the customer jurisdiction vis-à-vis our jurisdiction).

1.3 Rules for how the “Global Elliott Wave Coverage” membership can and cannot be used.
– Each subscription is personal, and cannot be shared with other individuals nor with  other entities such as companies and incorporated businesses. However, since these products are intended for use by corporate clients, utilizing our product within the organization of a corporate client that has paid for our services, is obviously allowed under these terms of service.
– The customer can use the subscription from all his/her internet capable devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones.
– The copyright for any and all material on any EWT Investing website and mail communication belongs to us unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
It is strictly forbidden to resell or in any way redistribute any of our analysis work, including but not limited to any written material, any charts, any video material and any audio material. Any such action will at minimum make the client liable to pay us financial damages and awards for the breach of contrant, and might also be met with a lawsuit.
– Any suspicion that the customer is misusing the subscription in any way, gives us the right to immediately suspend the subscription while an investigation is carried out. If we find that the subscriber has violated the Terms of Serivce, the subscription will be cancelled, no refund will be issued, and legal proceedings might be initiated. If we find that the customer has not violated the Terms of Service, the subscription will be reactivated. No damages for any problems or complications arising from such a temporary loss of access to the services we offer will be awarded.