Terms of Service for the Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report.

These terms have been updated and apply from 2017-12-14 and indefinitely into the future, unless superceded by new updates later on. These terms apply to all types of customers & clients, both private and business clients. The use of the terms “we” or “our” or “us” in the document denotes EWT Investing and all its personnel. In the text, the terms “membership” and “subscription” and derivatives of these words, refer to the same thing, i.e. the services we offer. The abbreviation and acronym ‘BSEWR’ stands for ‘Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report’.

1. General outline and general terms for the “Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report” by EWT Investing.

1.1 Description of the service “Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report”.
The BSEWR services give the subscriber a user account with a specific username and password, which will enable login to the EWT Investing site (https://ewtinvesting.com), and to access the BSEWR membership-only sections of the site. After login, the subscriber has access to not only the password-free parts of the site, such as the blog and the Elliott Wave Theory guide, but also the following:
– Pages comprising the total BSEWR report.
– The pages demonstrate both a positive and negative scenario, as well as a page dedicated to discussing the delineation of the two scenarios.
– The analysis consists of both charts as well as texts to describe the rational for the analysis conclusions.

The price for the above mentioned package of Bitcoin-specific analyses is $1000 (+ possible additional VAT depending on where the client lives).

1.2 Rules for how the BSEWR membership can and cannot be used.
– Each subscription is personal, and cannot be shared with other individuals nor with entities such as companies and incorporated businesses. The only exception to this is that all family members of a single household can use one single subscription. People outside of the household cannot use the customer’s subscription.
– The customer can use the subscription from all his/her internet capable devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Use of the subscription from public or semi-public places such as Internet cafés is not recommended, for security reasons.
– Be advised that EWT Investing does track the IP-address and other details from anyone visiting our websites.
– The copyright for any and all material on any EWT Investing website and mail communication belongs to us unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
It is strictly forbidden to resell or in any way redistribute any of our analysis work, including but not limited to any written material, any charts, any video material and any audio material. Any such action will be met with a lawsuit.
– Any suspicion that the customer is misusing the subscription in any way, gives us the right to immediately suspend the subscription while an investigation is carried out. If we find that the subscriber has violated the Terms of Serivce, the subscription will be cancelled, no refund will be issued, and legal proceedings might be initiated. If we find that the customer has not violated the Terms of Service, the subscription will be reactivated. No damages for any problems or complications arising from such a temporary loss of access to the services we offer will be awarded.

2. Payment terms and conditions.

2.1.1 Payment processing.
The BSEWR package can only be purchased by making a direct transfer to one of our designated bank accounts. For this package, payment with credit cards or PayPal or similar services is not possible.
The customer needs to enter some personal data (name, address, email, username and more), but no payment data is needed for this service.
Our site is itself protected with several different security layers, and uses Force SSL on every page, to ensure that all communication between the server and the user is secured. The SSL certificates we use are RSA 2048 bits. Should the customer have any doubt as to the strength of our SSL certificates, we recommend that the customer vists an online SSL tester, and types in our domain name (ewtinvesting.com), and take a look at the result for him-/herself.

2.1.2 Payment problems/error handling.
Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong in our world. EWT Investing cannot be held responsible for any payment error that occurs as a result of any type of failure with one of our payment processors.
However, we will of course assist the customer with any problem that might arise during the payment process, for whatever reason. The customer is advised to please contact us immediately if something goes wrong during the process, and it is not evident from any displayed error messages, what needs to be done to remedy the problem.

2.1.3 No Refunds and No “Money Back Guarantee” for the BSEWR membership.
While we usually offer refunds and MBG’s for other products, because of the high cost and high value of the BSEWR product, we cannot offer any refunds nor MBG’s in this case. We operate from Sweden, and our laws stipulate that complete revocation of any refund policy is allowed when selling digital products delivered digitally (as opposed to on a physical medium such as a DVD, for instance).

2.2 Payment of the subscription cost.
The entirety of the subscription cost must be paid in one payment installation. The payment cannot be divided into parts. Presently, the only way to pay for the BSEWR product is by direct transfer to our designated bank account. No refunds are possible and there is no MBG.

2.3 Delayed payment of the subscription cost.
A payment delay, will automatically cause our membership system to disallow access to the membership sections of the site.

2.4 Recurring billing.
There is no recurring billing for the BSEWR membership package. There is only an upfront $1000 fee, for life-time access. For the definition of ‘life-time access’ in this context, please refer to section 5.9 below.

3. Market data delivery and external suppliers of market data.

The external suppliers of financial market data for any and all symbols, stock markets, bond markets, commodities or currencies (including pairs and indicies) cannot be held reponsible for the analysis we do, using the data they have supplied to us. We add markings, letters, numbers, and sometimes text to the charts, and these additions constitute only our opinion, and is in no way something the data suppliers can be held liable for.

Charts with any and all types of analysis created by EWT Investing, are copyright protected automatically, with us being the holders of said copyright.

We want to point out that it is possible that we delivery of necessary data for our analysis work may cease – such an event is beyond our control, and constitutes a Force Majeure event in addition to the events listed in the separate Force Majeure-part of this document, for which we cannot be held liable. Naturally however, we will strive to immediately replace a possibly lost data supplier as soon as possible, there is no advantage at all for us in not being able to deliver analysis to our customers, and we are thus given 3 business days to replace any lost data supply and resume analysis updates.

4. General information about trading with any and all financial instruments, stocks, futures contracts, currency units, and any and all derivates of all of the aforementioned.

We – EWT Investing – want to draw the customers/clients/subscribers/members attention to certain aspects of trading with any and all types of financial instruments, including but not limited to stocks, futures contracts, currency units, and any and all derivates of all of the aforementioned – all of which are henceforth in this document encapsulated by the term “financial instrument(s)”.
I. Trading with financial instruments of any sort always involves taking on risk. There are absolutely no guarantees that your investment capital will either increase, decrease or remain unchanged over any period of time.
II. We would disencourage the reader from thinking of financial instruments as “savings”, because they are a lot riskier than for instance, physical cash or a non-locked cash account at a bank. And even those two types of positions do carry risk with them.
III. We recommend – in general – that you never invest any capital you cannot afford to lose.
IV. We recommend any reader to consult with a proper, legally certified financial consultant, to properly ascertain and evaluate his/her risk level before taking on debt.
V. We recommend that the reader always makes sure to keep himself/herself up-to-date regarding all applicable taxes, commissions and other fees that might apply to his/her account and/or trading activities.

EWT Investing will also repeat our disclaimer, below. The reader automatically agrees to this disclaimer by using the site in any way.
Disclaimer: Any information provided on this website or any other website owned by EWT Investing is strictly for educational purposes, none of the content/information on the aforementioned websites is to be considered investment advice or investment recommendations – and due to the nature of financial markets, no guarantee can ever be given regarding any market outcome mentioned. By continuing to use this site, you agree that if any information provided by EWT Investing (and any of its personnel) under any circumstances, is used as the basis for any investment decision, that investment decision is the sole responsibility of you the reader and takes place strictly at your own risk. The reader should be aware that trading with financial instruments of any sort always involves risk. Your investment capital can both increase and decrease in value, and there are no guarantees that you will ever get back what you have invested. EWT Investing cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of our analysis – however, our ambition is to provide you with the best possible financial market analysis.

5. Other Terms & Conditions.

5.1 Age of the subscriber/member/user/reader.
In order to sign up for the BSEWR membership with EWT Investing, you must be at least 18 years old or the age of legal adulthood in your current jurisdiction from where you make the purchase. If you sign up for a subscription or membership with us, you automatically confirm by accepting these terms and conditions, that you are at least 18 years old and that you are legally considered to be an adult (i.e. not legally stripped of your adulthood status).
We do not assume *any* responsibility for *any* trading or investment decision whatsoever which is made using any information, statement, or analysis issued by us, and this applies regardless of the subscriber’s age and legal status.

5.2 Usage of customer/subscriber/member personal data.
The subscriber automatically ends up in our email list upon signing up. The customer is not automatically removed from our mailing list upon cancelling his/her subscription, and has to manually discontinue subscription to our mailing list by using a discontinuation link or contacting us expressing a desire to be unsubscribed from the mailing list.
Customer data such as name, address, email address are stored in our database. Customer credit card info is never, ever stored at our systems, and is processed by our external payment processors. All such data, indeed all data on the entire site, is sent by SSL. Look for the certificate validator present on any page or post on the site.
Customer data is never sent/passed on/sold/given or otherwise transmitted to a third party, unless a certain third party has a lawful right to receive the data (such as certain government agencies or actors involved in lawful legal investigations).

5.3 Support.
EWT Investing only provides support by email at present. Please contact us through the form at this page – https://ewtinvesting.com/contact-us/ – if you need assistance with any technical matter, payment questions or general questions regarding the services we offer. We do not provide any maximum response time, but we attempt to resolve any questions quickly.

5.4 Sickness leave.
If our staff is stricken by any type of sickness which prevents the regular analysis updates from being resolved, we will strive to notify the readers of this situation immediately. Proper compensation for any delays or missed analysis updates will be worked out once good health has returned and work can be resumed.

5.5 Vacation leave and holidays.
We follow Sweden’s holiday schedule, and reserve the right to take any such holiday off without compensation being issued to the members.
We follow the normal Swedish workday schedule, which is Monday through Friday. This is covered in greater detail in section 1.1 of this document.
As for vacation leave, if we go on vacation, the site will remain open to readers, but any active subscriptions will be compensated with 1 extra day of subscription added for free per 1 day of vacation that we take.

5.5 Time of analysis updates.
There is no specific time of day when analysis updates are issued and published. This is due to the fact that each trading day is different, and thus presents a differing workload and differing amounts of information to consider before and during analysis updates.

5.6 Transfer or sale of the company or some or all of its assets.
In case the company is sold to another party, we will notify the customer of this well in advance. Any outstanding period of a subscription that a customer has paid for, shall be refunded if the customer wishes to terminate his or her subscription under these circumstances.

5.7 Changes to these Terms & Conditions.
The terms and conditions on this page can be changed by EWT Investing with a 15-day warning period. However, if any changes to these Terms & Conditions on this page occur, despite the 15-day warning period, we are still obliged to follow legal guidlines on having served appropriate notice to any and all affected parties.

5.8 Third party errors & problems & Force Majeure.
Aside from any clauses mentioned above, EWT Investing and any and all of its personnel in any capacity, are never to be held liable for any interruption, denial of service, interruption of service, errors, damages and other problems of any sort that are beyond our control, including but not limited to lightning strikes, flash floods, fires, strikes and union-related as well as non-union-related lockouts, war, acts of war, acts of terrorism, disruptive criminal activity of any sort, Internet overload and Denial of Service or malware attacks, all types of errors in third party networks, errors and problems at a third party, system server crashes caused by webhost negligence/malpractice/general error, and any and all other Force Majeure-types of incidents.

5.9 Definition of Life-Time Access.
‘Life-Time Access’ (LTA) to the BSEWR analysis package is to mean “as long as EWT Investing exists and does business on the domain ewtinvesting.com under its current ownership. LTA thus ceases if the company goes out of effective existence for some reason, or is bought by or transferred to someone else (person or legal entity) who might change the business and services currently undertaken by EWT Investing.

5.10 Laws and Courts.
A possible legal dispute is to be solved primarily at a Swedish court of law and in accordance with Swedish law.