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S&P 500 Elliott Wave Theory Technical Analysis

This time it’s different

Will you get out of the stock markets before everyone else, this time?

The tremendous rise in the global stock markets over the last 9 years, has largely come about due to financial engineering, such as the ‘Quantitative Easing’ (QE) programmes undertaken by Western and Asian central banks, and suspension of Mark-to-Market rules for Western banks.

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US Medical system PPACA

Track record: Our comments on Obamacare from 2010.

In the US Presidential Election going on today, the now-apparent-to-all-disaster Obamacare (formally, PPACA), has become a major issue. Everyone is quick to denounce it, from Hillary Clinton (who supported it before), to Bill Clinton, to Donald Trump, the latter wants to complete “repeal and replace” it, as his catch phrase sounds.

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