NSE Stocks Analysis Package

The subscription service gives the subscriber the following:

  • 30 NSE stocks analyzed per month. The 30 NSE stocks are selected by BLB Group / BLB Limited.
  • The selection of stocks to be analyzed can be changed at the start of each month.
  • The analyses are made separately for each of the stocks.
  • Time frames for each stock are: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4-hour and 1-hour.
  • Updates on all 30 stocks are issued 2x week.
  • Delivery method of analyses: E-mail.
  • Analyses are released for use by the entirety of BLB Group / BLB Limited for any purposes (except re-branding under another name and/or reselling our analyses which is not allowed).

At the request of BLB Group representatives, billing has been set to a Weekly periodicity, and is currently billed in USD. The price for the above specified package of services, which constitute our “NSE Stocks Analysis Package”, is $550 per week.

These Terms of Service must be agreed to by both parties: Terms of Service for the ‘NSE Stocks Analysis Package’.

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