Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report

Bitcoin Special Elliott Wave Report

With Bitcoin’s meteoric rise lately, the currency has reached an interesting market juncture. A price structure of considerable importance has been created, and large investors and investors looking to move into BTC, need to be aware of this development.

The price structure as it stands today, has created a situation which over the next few weeks – or even during the next few days – will very likely reveal with a fairly high degree of confidence, where the Bitcoin price could unfold next.

This is a very important exclusive analysis package, and it will only be sold to 25 people worldwide.

The price for the special analysis package is only $1000, which is cheap for anyone holding BTC’s in size, or looking to move a lot of money into BTC’s soon, considering the importance of the information.


Here’s what you get in the special Bitcoin Elliott Wave report:

  • Access to an exclusive analysis package containing 2 distinct scenarios for Bitcoin, both of which are quite probable (none have been knocked out yet, and are important to take into account), and have diametrically opposed outcomes. Both scenarios are illustrated with several charts on timeframes ranging from monthly to daily charts, as well as some hourly/intra-day charts.
  • One scenario is negative for BTC, and is something any investor with a lot of money invested into BTC’s needs to be aware of.
  • The other scenario is more positive for BTC in the mid-term.
  • The clues for how to distinguish between them as the price pattern progresses, will also be included and discussed.
  • You will also get a rebate on a future possible Bitcoin Elliott Wave analysis subscription service, which might be launched if there’s enough interest. However, at this point, this is NOT guaranteed to occur.


Payment for the analysis package must be made through a direct transfer to our bank account. No credit cards or PayPal payments are accepted for this particular product. No refunds will be made and there is no money-back guarantee whatsoever, in accordance with Swedish law (we operate from Sweden).

Access to the report is manually activated by us after the payment has been confirmed to be deposited in our specified bank account. Hence, for getting access to the exclusive special analysis package quickly, make sure to use an express payment option.


Pre-Sales Questions & Answers.

Q: “$1000 for a one-time analysis is too expensive.”
A: No – it’s not. The scenarios presented are of utmost importance to any big enough (the reader can define ‘big enough’ for him-/herself) BTC investor. We don’t care if we get any sales or not, because we’ll simply use the analysis package at a later date, as a reference and evidence of the quality of our work.


Q: “How is this report to be used?”
A: That’s up to the reader. We offer zero advice on what to do – that’s the sole responsibility of the reader. The “only” thing the analysis package does, is point out what we think is a high-probability market setup, with specific triggers for the 2 scenarios presented.


Q: “Can the analysis be trusted?”
A: No. No analysis can ever be fully trusted. Worst case, the BTC market will move to destroy both of our scenarios and then do something else. This is unlikely, but possible. We give absolutely no guarantees and no refunds. None. The only thing that we can guarantee is that we’ve put in hard work on this.


Q: “Why is this only sold to 25 people?”
A: Because any analysis method loses its edge if widely distributed or known. Additionally, the analysis package will NOT contain all the secrets of our special version of the Elliott Wave Theory which we use. That could degrade the efficiency of the analysis. In order to give our clients something of value, the distribution will be limited, at least on our part, unfortunately, we don’t know if clients will – illegally – pass our work on to others. Disclosure of the analysis package beyond the client’s family members is strictly forbidden.


Q: “Why is there no refund or money-back guarantee on this product?”
A: Because of the price we’ve set for it (and the price is where it’s at because of the value of the proct). We operate from Sweden, and Swedish law allows us to remove all refunds for any digital products delivered online (such as this analysis package), which we’ve chosen to do in this case.


Q: “How is the payment made?”
A: Payment must be made in full to our bank account, through a direct transfer using specified BIC and IBAN codes. Please note that payments can take 3 or more business days to go through in the worst case. If you can, using an express payment option is the best choice if you want quick access to the analysis package.

Make sure that you save and print any and all receipts of the payment. If something goes wrong, it’s vitally important that you have something to email to us, that we might show to our bank and help them sort out the payment.


Q: “Are you guys trading Bitcoin for yourselves?”
A: No. Noone at EWT Investing trades any cryptocurrencies either as part of the business or privately. We are involved with trading stocks, stock market indices, (non-cryptocurrency) Forex and commodities. None of our family members or relatives are – to our knowledge at the time of this offer being made public – trading in any cryptocurrency including but not limited to Bitcoin. Nor are any of our close friends involved in any cryptocurrency, to the best of our knowledge. Some acquaintances of ours are, however, but they will only get the analysis package content if they pay us $1000 to get access to it.

Our position is that we are highly skeptical of all cryptocurrencies. This benefits you, because we aren’t perma-bullish on Bitcoin, and nor do we stand to gain anything from its potential rise or fall. Since we aren’t benefitting directly from any specific direction of Bitcoin, we’ve been able to develop the 2 very interesting and juxtaposed bullish & bearish scenarios without any cognitive dissonance leaking into the analysis process.


Q: “I just don’t trust this whole deal, and I’m reluctant to send $1000 through a non-refundable direct transfer, for an analysis package that attempts to predict something which even you yourself say is not really possible.”
A: We are fully aware of the risks involved for any presumptive client and we cannot mitigate them further. We are happy to make no sales at all of this research report, because the quality of the work allows us to use it for confidence building marketing purposes later.


Steps in the ordering process.

If you choose to order this analysis package, here are the steps:

  1. You must fill out the form and agree to the specified Terms of Service.
  2. You will be sent an invoice with payment specifics, including the relevant BIC and IBAN information as well as the specified amount ($1000 converted into current SEK equivalent).
  3. It’s only when you actually pay the specified amount and the money has been deposited in our specified bank account, that a purchase has been made.
  4. At that point after we’ve received the payment, your account will be activated and access to the protected sections containing the special Bitcoin Elliott Wave analysis package will then be granted.

Your submitted data will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.