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This article contains rolling updates and additions of my own real-life trading activities and their results, with newest additions on top. Also see the About-page for more information.

The screenshots are taken from the Swedish site Shareville.se which is connected to the brokerage NordNet which I use for my trading. Shareville does not allow any practice account at all – only accounts with real money are shown. Thus, the results below are the result of real trading with real money.

I’ve removed some information about my account name and follower count – because I don’t want any followers. If I do get a large number of followers, I’ll be accused of front-running, and thus I have chosen to remove my account display name from the screenshots.

(If you are already a customer at some other analysis service, you should ask yourself why they do not show the results of their own trading (which basically none of them do).)


2018-12-31: Link to article about my 2018 trading performance.

2018-07-10 –┬áMy 1-year rolling trading results:

This chart shows my 1-year rolling trading result up to 2018-07-10. As is evident from the chart, I strongly outperform our Swedish bluechip index OMXS30, which has yielded -4.51% during the recent yearly period, whilst my portfolio is up +23.32% during the same period.

My 1-year rolling trading results - EWT Investing


2018-07-03: Trading results 2018-01-01 -> 2018-07-03:

Counting from the 1st of January 2018 to the 2nd of July 2018, my actively traded hedged portfolio has returned +10.64% YTD while the Swedish bluechip index OMXS30 has returned -2.29%. I continue to strongly outperform my local Swedish stock market using the Extended Elliott Wave Theory.

Result of Carl Malmberg's personal trading account YTD 2018 - EWT Investing



2018-05-03: Trading results 2018-01-01 -> 2018-05-03:

Counting from the 1st of January 2018 to the 3rd of May 2018, my actively traded hedged portfolio has returned +8.79% YTD while the Swedish bluechip index OMXS30 had returned -0.63%. I continue to outperform the Swedish stock market.

YTD performance of Carl Malmberg's trading account.


2018-02-11 – Trading results post the mini-crash of January-February of 2018:

Post the crash, I now have a 3-star rated portfolio which has returned approximately +19% during the last 6 months, while our Swedish stock market index has returned -2.5% during the same time period. Read more here: “My profits from the recent crash.”.

Carl Malmberg's equity curve shown on social trading site Shareville.se.


2017-12-31 – Trading results for 2017:

I outperformed the Swedish market considerably, with my strategy of hedging my selection of blue-chip-semi-perma-positions against market turmoil. The result was a significant outperformance of our blue-chip index OMXS30 which only returned +3.28% (ex. dividends, about +5.8% with dividends). 2017 was a choppy trading year on our market, which unlike the US stock market, didn’t rise continuously. Nonetheless, I managed to considerably outperform the market, being up +11.03% during 2017.

Mr. Malmberg trading record - Shareville 2017


2017-04-05 – Ten Profitable trades in a row:

Trading record example - EWT Investing

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