Cookie usage

Cookie usage on this site is done for the following purposes:

  • Tracking┬ásome site visitors for traffic statistics purposes.
  • Maintaining and enabling access to subscriber-only content.
  • Enabling social media buttons (currently only Twitter).

If you do not consent to this usage, please disable cookies in your Internet browser and/or stop viewing any page or post on this and related domains. Please note that if you disable cookies, the subscribers-only sections will not be accessible to you.

Nightly backup procedures

Currently, our server runs a nightly backup procedure which may cause the site to load slower or even be unresponsive during certain times.

The backup procedure lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. It starts around UTC 01:15 and usually stops around UTC 01:35.

SSL & other protection

Our SSL certificate.

All parts of the website are served over HTTPS encrypted by an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

The SSL certificate is a RSA 2048 bit (SHA256 with RSA). The certificate can be tested for yourself at Qualy’s SSL Server Test on this link: . Type in in the field “Hostname” and click Submit to run the test for yourself.

All parts of the payment system are run in “Force SSL” mode, which means they cannot be loaded or run if the SSL certificate somehow is not working. This is intended to maximize the security of any credit card payments or other orders.


Other protective measures.

Additionally, the website is protected by firewalls and security programs, in order to minimize the risk of a hacker attack. For security reasons, the exact nature or make of these programs is not made public here.

The customer’s name, address and e-mail is stored in a database. However, no credit card information is stored by us – such information is strictly handled by the payment processor Stripe, to which any credit card data is sent encrypted and over SSL, and invisible to us.