The purpose of our analysis service

There are 3 main purposes, or raisons d’ĂȘtre for our analysis services:

The main purpose is to make money from our readers. We do this by striving to provide an excellent continuous analysis coverage of the 20 global financial markets we’ve chosen to analyze on a continuous basis.
To this end – and of course for our own trading – we’ve developed an extension to the original Elliott Wave Theory, which we simply call “Extended Elliott Wave Theory” for now, and we use this plus other technical analysis methods in our work.


The second purpose behind our analysis service is to fulfill our wish to communicate with a readership – albeit mostly one-way.


The third purpose is to increase the quality of our work, as well as our pace of learning – by the additional pressure of making our work available to willing clients. Since we ourselves trade and invest on the financial markets, increasing our knowledge and skill levels provides benefits for us, plus our readership.

An independent financial analysis service

EWT Investing (and all of our analysts/writers) are wholly independent from other business in the financial sector(s) – including but not limited to banks, retail brokers, insurance companies, other analysts, and retailers of computer programs and apps for analyzing the financial markets, and data providers.

However, we are customers and clients of banks, brokers, vendors and makers of computer programs for analyzing and trading the financial markets, and data providers.

We are not affiliated with any political party anywhere in any jurisdiction. We do not maintain any relationships with any lobbyists for any group, particular interest, conglomerate or company.

We are not affiliated with any newspapers or news organizations anywhere (except those co-owned by us).