Contents of the GEWC (Global Elliott Wave Coverage) Package

This is a full review of the contents of the GEWC (Global Elliott Wave Coverage) package and it applies to the Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly durations.


Financial markets covered.

The Global Elliott Wave Coverage (GEWC) package grants the client regular (weekly and bi-weekly) technical analysis updates on 15 financial markets: stock markets in the Americas, Asia, Europe; commodities; FX crosses.

Here are the worldwide financial markets we presently analyze, by region and by type.

Stock Markets
the Americas: Bovespa Index (IBovespa) (Brazil), S&P 500 (USA).
Asia: BSE Sensex (India), Nikkei 225 (Japan).
Europe: CAC 40 (France), DAX 30 (Germany), FTSE 100 (UK), MOEX (Russia), OMXSPI (Sweden), WIG Index (Poland).

Crude Oil Brent /USD, Gold /USD, Silver /USD.

Forex & Bonds
€/$ EUR/USD, $/¥ USD/JPY.

Of the above; updated every week: Crude Oil Brent, DAX 30, Gold/USD, Nikkei 225, S&P 500.
Of the above; updated every two weeks: Bovespa, BSE Sensex, CAC 40, EUR/USD, FTSE 100, MOEX Russia, OMXSPI, Silver/USD, USD/JPY, WIG Index.

Additional markets can be added at request.


Analysis components of the GEWC package.

The GEWC package consists of 3 main pillars :

  1. Technical analyses consisting of charts and commentary. The analyses are primarily the result of application of the Extended Elliott Wave Theory framework to the markets in question, backed with a selection of technical indicators.
  2. The GEWC model portfolio, where the conclusions of our analyses are tested by taking trades primarily in the financial markets we regularly analyze, but also on occassion other markets or even single stocks.
  3. Weekly 1-hour consultations, whose purpose is to primarily answer any questions the client might have after reading our analyses and inspecting the TA chartwork accompanying them.

1. Technical analyses consisting of charts and commentary.

Sample chart from our Subscribers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A sample of Technical Analysis commentary in the TA-sections. Click it to view it in full-size.

Clear & Concise Technical Analyses

  • Trend Direction estimates. Knowing the current trend direction is important for proper risk management and trade management, as well as for proper application of EWT.
  • Estimated Predictability. The financial markets vary in structural predictability. The expected predictability (or lack thereof) is a vital parameter for risk management.
  • Important Levels. Relevant buy/sell signal levels, stop levels and some structurally decisive levels that are likely to result in a specific market movement are pointed out.
  • Technical Analysis & Extended Elliott Wave Theory Commentary. The bulk of the written analysis work consists of our conclusions and opinions on the given financial market, based on our Extended EWT analysis system as well as technical indicators (where they offer meaningful insights).
Sample Technical Analysis chart from our Subsrcibers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A sample of a technical analysis charts that go with written analysis. Click the chart to view a full-size version.

Our Elliott Wave & TA Charts

  • Technical Indicators. Our TA charts include indicators such as BBands, RSI, Stochastic and MACD as well as a selection of important MA’s that generally have value as trend indicators and moving support/resistance levels are included on the charts. These are commonly available in charting applications and are helpful for drawing structural conclusions (especially at times of reduced predictability).
  • Extended Elliott Wave Theory labels. Extended Elliott Wave Theory labels are of course included in the charts, along with important “knockout” or otherwise critical levels.

To summarize – the main differences between most regular technical analysis and Elliott Wave Theory work on one hand, and our analysis work on the other hand, is that the Extended EWT work is better at dealing with probabilities over weeks or months, and is not attempting to necessarily pinpoint exact turning points. In other words, since the Extended EWT framework takes differing predictability phases into account, it typically develops higher probability trade suggestions looking at weeks or months out, and is less likely to lead to whipsaw trading with frequent stopouts than the average technical analysis system typically leads to. However, this may not be well suited for clients with a very tight risk tolerance and whom are looking for frequent and very “boxed in” trades, as the Extended EWT system is better at – for the most part – generating trades on time frames of 5+ day up to several months in duration.

2. The GEWC model portfolio.

The GEWC model portfolio consists of trades taken mainly in the financial markets that are regularly analyzed as part of the GEWC package. The trades in the GEWC model portfolio are intended to serve primarily as some kind of record-keeping of what our analysis work led to, and can also serve as inspiration for the client, regarding their own positioning in the financial markets.

Results for the GEWC model portfolio. (Opens in new window.)

3. Weekly 1-hour consultations.

Weekly 1-hour consultations with the client are also included in the GEWC package. These consultations are meant to answer any questions the client might have regarding the analysis updates included in the GEWC package, as well as providing an opportunity to look at intra-day analyses for the stock market indices that we also do intra-day time horizon work on, as well as – if needed – conduct analyses on other markets the client might be interested in.

The consultations can be carried out through any mutually agreed upon chat or communication software.

Nota Bene: These 1-hour consultations are not available in full to clients in certain jurisdictions.

Custom-made contracts

We are also open to creating a custom-made analysis package, to suit your needs.