Additional Terms of Service for Standalone Consultation services.

These terms have been updated and apply from 2023-02-24 and indefinitely into the future, unless superseded by new updates later on. These terms apply to all types of customers & clients, both private and business clients, that are subscribed to the GEWC subscription service. The use of the terms “we” or “our” or “us” in the document denotes EWT Investing and all its personnel. In the text, the terms “membership”, “service(s)”, “subscription” and derivatives of these words, refer to the same thing, i.e. the services we offer. The term “biweekly”, “bi-weekly” and other forms of this word, means once every 2 weeks.

1. General outline and general terms for Standalone Consultation services.

1.1 Additional terms of service.
The terms of service on this current page ( ) are additional terms of service, building upon our General Terms of Service, which are accessible here: . Both of these documents with terms need to be agreed upon by any client wishing to purchase any Standalone Consultation services from us.

1.2 Description of the Standalone Consultation services.
The Standalone Consultation services consist of 1 hour of consultation and briefing on pre-agreed and client-selected financial markets. These consultations will by default take place using instant-messaging and/or chat programsĀ  and/or other similar communication software supplied by third parties, unless we and the client agree upon another acceptable platform/solution for the consultation.
During the Standalone Consultations, the client will discuss with us, the markets the client has specified an interest in holding the consultation on. We will supply and discuss whatever charts and other similar analysis tools that we have for these markets, with the client, during the consultation.
Due to the fact that we do not keep up technical analysis work for all financial markets in the world, we reserve the right to tell the client that we need time to complete analysis work on the market(s) the client requested the consultation around. Hence, purchasing a Standalone Consultation does not automatically imply that the consultation will be held immediately, as we might need time to prepare to hold a meaningful consultation with the client. Thus, there is no guarantee ahead of time that times best suited to the client will be available during any given week, especially not if the client has requested the consultation on a short notice.
We also reserve the right to decline holding the consultation with the client, if we determine that the market(s) the client has selected, do not yield anything sufficiently specific in terms of risk management or directional indications, during the analysis process. Should this occur, the client will not be charged anything for the Standalone Consultation, and any funds the client might have already paid for the consultation will be refunded (with the client agreeing to a reasonable amount of time for the refund to go through, due to lag in international payments and transfers).
The client agrees that we are allowed to record any consultations carried out through audio and/or video. Any such recordings will only be kept by us for legal requirements and will not be used by us for any other purpose, and we shall not divulge any content to a third party absent legal requirements to do so. Similarly, we grant the client the right to also keep records of any audio/video consultations, as long as the client does not divulge this material to any third party absent our explicit permission to do so.
The copyright for any and all material on any EWT Investing website and mail communication belongs to us unless otherwise explicitly mentioned.
It is strictly forbidden to resell or in any way redistribute any of our analysis work, including but not limited to any written material, any charts, any video material and any audio material. Any such action will at minimum make the client liable to pay us financial damages and awards for the breach of contrant, and might also be met with a lawsuit.