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What? When? Where? Who?

EWT Investing begun operating back in late 2005, providing Elliott Wave Theory technical analysis to mostly Swedish clients and readers. Our Swedish-language site can be found at ewtinvesting.se (link opens in new window).

EWT Investing is in the business of providing 1st class composite technical analysis of global financial markets, especially stock markets around the world.

Our clients include private investors & traders, as well as banks (BLB Group in India), investment banks, brokerages and hedge funds.

The company was founded by Carl Malmberg, who works as a technical analyst and trader.

Carl Malmberg
Carl Malmberg
Technical Analyst at EWT Investing
Carl has analyzed and traded the financial markets 16+ years.
Developer of the Extended Elliott Wave Theory, a series of extensions made to the original Elliott Wave Theory.

Personal trading records.

Information about our personal trading records has been moved to this article in our Knowledge Base: Our Trading Records.


In late 2008, Mr. Malmberg started studying and gradually discovering various extensions of the Elliott Wave Theory framework, which over time yielded more sensible and less fluctuating market analysis work. Part of this process was learning about the extensions other analysts had made to the original Elliott Wave Theory developed by R.N. Elliott.

An important realization was that markets develop new pattern complexities as time goes by and as more market participants come into the markets, and as existing theories become well disseminated amongst participants.

In other words, the markets continuously reinvent themselves in various ways, which puts any traditional practitioner at a severe disadvantage. EWT Investing strives to overcome the relative disadvantages an ever-changing market imposes on its participants, which is a daunting task to say the least.

Words from the founder.

“The extended Elliott Wave Theory framework takes about a decade or more to learn and begin successfully apply to markets. The markets themselves change over time, and invent new layers of complexity as various technical models become widely followed and/or common knowledge.

I’ve spent years upon years analyzing the various markets. No theory is perfect, and the standard Elliott Wave Theory is deceptively easy to grasp the fundamentals of, which misleads most practitioners about the reality of how the markets vary greatly in unpredictability and personality.

My aim with this service is provide a limited audience of not more than 1000 members, my perspective on the markets, using my hard-fought-for Extended Elliott Wave Theory framework, which is an elaboration upon the original Elliott Wave Theory or Elliott Wave Principle as it is also known.

My hope is that the analysis work I produce will be superior in terms of accuracy and also in terms of risk management, pointing out periods of low market predictability. No theory or framework which deals with the financial markets can be 100% accurate all of the time however, and I make no such claims for my own theory either.” – Carl Malmberg

Our goal and commitment.

EWT Investing strives to be the very best Elliott Wave analysis provider out there. As part of this desire on our part, we cannot have more than 1000 members at any one time (plus a few due to possible payments issues causing unwanted lockouts for existing members, which we will allow a spot for), because any type of market analysis system loses its edge if it has too many adherents. Accuracy of our analysis is our primary interest.

If our services sound interesting to you, please head over to the Global Elliott Wave Coverage Membership to learn more about the specifics of our services.