You will have no-one left to sell to

In this post, we’ll have a look at how there won’t be “anyone” to sell to, once the current “everything”-bubble pops, and all of you “smart investors” out there will attempt to cash in on your Communist central bank fueled gains.

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When the current widely recognized super-stupid “everything”-bubble pops, we will yet again be treated to how hordes of unsophisticated “investors” and “traders” and the politically well-connected Communist “elite” (many of which are simply not-so-high-IQ sociopaths helping each other out) will attempt to get out of their positions. (Oh and please, there needn’t be any argument about whether the Western “elites” are Communists or not, especially not as long as they are feeding off of public treasuries, using the CCP virus as a scapegoat and cover to do so.)

This time, it will be an extraordinarily amusing spectacle to watch, for the following reasons:

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The bubble has entered its terminal phase, and will soon be forced to be unwound, due to one or more probable triggers (significant overseas USD refusal, triggering an avalanche of domestic US inflation, in turn triggering a near-instant revolt). The best thing one can do is to get out and wait for the panic to ensue as trapped bigger players and their positions collapse as the market goes effectively bidless for some time.