US 2020 Presidential Election coming up.

With the US 2020 Presidential Election coming up in just about a week’s time, it’s time to have a look at the flawed candidates Biden & Trump, and any potential risks the always-wrong market has created.

Let’s also go over the corruption scandal involving Hunter and Joe Biden, that the mainstream left-wing Communist/Marxist media in the US and the Western world are trying to cover up. No – it’s not a “Russian disinformation” attempt.

Joe Biden is probably ineligible to be POTUS.

Let’s take a look at the flawed candidates one by one. We start off with Joe Biden:

  • Far too old and with what appears to be declining mental faculties. POTUS must be able to act prudently in case of for instance, nuclear war. Joe Biden is demonstrably unfit for this task, given his many gaffes and seemingly increasing memory difficulties.
  • Joe Biden presides over a heavily left-wing Marxist party, the Demoncrats (yes, I’ve spelled them correctly), which are utterly unfit to hold any degree of power for any length of time. Anyone wishing to argue this assertion needs to supply evidence for any successful Communist or Marxist nation. And they cannot be other Marxist Western nations that are teetering on the edge of collapse, but are still maintaining a semblance of function due to a steadily increasing debt load – as these nations will collapse if they do not stop being dysfunctional Marxist-run clown shows, due to at one point or another hitting the hard limit where either interest rates and/or destruction of their currencies will put an end to their attempts at running big socialist welfare states.
  • Joe Biden is heavily implicated in the documentation from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is real (more on this below). Apparently, Joe Biden has been taking money from his son Hunter Biden, who in turn seems to have been paid by a plethora of suspect people and organisations, such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), various corrupt Ukrainian businesspersons, and more. Hunter Biden seemingly received money from these entitites to sell his father’s (Joe Biden) political influence, especially when Joe Biden was the Vice President of the US.

To summarize, Joe Biden is simply completely unelectable and is probably ineligible to even be on the POTUS election ballot. While I am not deeply familiar with US laws concerning eligibility criteria to become POTUS, I suspect that one cannot even run for president if one has taken money, albeit through intermediaries, from foreign political entities like this.

Even if the corruption Joe Biden has engaged in doesn’t disqualify him by strict interpretation of the black letter law to run for POTUS, naturally, anyone doing political deals involving kickbacks with corrupt and criminal organisations such as the CCP, is utterly unsuitable to be POTUS or for that matter, president of any other country.


The Hunter Biden laptop information is real.

Aside from the actions taken by (extremely-risky-to-own-stocks-in) Marxist social media editors-&-publishers Facebook and Twitter, suppressing the Hunter Biden-Joe Biden corruption story by blocking and shadow banning links to it (thus blatantly violating Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) passed in 1996), the desperate Marxist-Communists in the mainstream media as well as other Communist punditry, have claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop is “Russian disinformation”.

In the US, “50 former intelligence operatives” apparently signed an utterly retarded opinion piece, claiming the Hunder Biden laptop is a “Russian plot” of some kind, meant to discredit Joe Biden. These corrupt Communist clowns apparently did not provide any evidence whatsoever to support their claim – only mere opinions. Well, the opinions and claims of 50 former intelligence operatives from a very corrupt Western country or any other country for that matter, are worth nothing without evidence. In other words, 50 useless and likely extremely corrupt “intelligence community” clowns just utterly discredited themselves forever, by signing onto a worse-than-useless pamphlet defending what appears to be a Communist collaborator. Unbelievably stupid and reckless.

You see, at this point, both the US DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and even the shockingly corrupt FBI, have confirmed that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, leaving screaming Marxist criminals and the “50 former intelligence operatives'” claims nothing but utterly unsubstantiated noise.

Also, Hunter Biden’s attorneys have reached out to the computer repair shop owner who turned the laptop in, to get it back! This is an assertion of ownership of the laptop, which further serves to completely invalidate any claims that the laptop is “a hoax”. Hunter Biden effectively re-affirmed ownership of the laptop by attempting to claim it back through his attorneys.

As if this isn’t enough, a few days after the Hunter Biden laptop story started making the news on the non-Communist parts of the Internet, a Hunter Biden associate who is in jail (!) leaked 26000 emails through his lawyers, emails which confirm a huge amount of information from the Biden laptop.

Additionally, over the last few days, Tom Bobulinski, another former Biden associate, has stepped forward and given testimony further corroborating the Biden laptop information, including most-crucially, that Joe Biden was a receiver of funds through Hunter Biden.

It is case closed, and no amount of Marxist/Communist lies can change this.


Trump is a disappointment.

After having had a look at the corrupt and probably CCP-controlled Communist Clown Joe Biden, let’s examine the other clown, Donald Trump (DJT), the current POTUS. DJT is, regrettably, also a disappointment.

A continuation of disastrous foreign policy.

Trump illegally bombed Syria in early 2017 on now-confirmed completely false information from OPCW, about supposed chemical attacks on civilian targets in Syria. All such attacks were in actuality carried out by the White Terrorists, a British-backed propaganda arm of terrorists operating against the lawful ruler of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, in an attempt to force certain complicit Western nations into illegal actions against the lawful government of Syria. Thanks chiefly to Russian intervention and weapons technology, this attempt by the British to goad the US into sustained large-scale action failed, and Russian air defense capabilities made short work of almost all of the incoming cruise missiles.

DJT also carried out a completely useless bombing raid in Afghanistan in early 2017, with a so-called MOAB, supposedly to “send a message to North Korea”. However, as my analysis of the terrain coupled with testimony from the ground suggest, innocent civilians were also killed in the attack, and not just the armed combatants the powerful bomb was (ostensibly) dropped on.

Last but not least, Trump authorized the utterly illegal assassination of the Iranian diplomat Soleimani, on Iraqi soil in early 2020. Yes, at the time General Soleimani was traveling as a diplomatic envoy to Iraq, and he was assassinated in a flagrant breach of any and all conventions regarding diplomacy, as well as international law.

Trump has also spread a large number of lies about the US presence and operations in Syria, on multiple occassions. Chief among these lies is his absolutely false claim that “the US destroyed ISIS in Syria”. This Trump-&-US claim is utterly false and is malicious propaganda.

ISIS was broken and largely destroyed chiefly by a combination of the Russian Air Force, the Russian Navy, Russian special operations troops, Syrian army units, Iranian special operations troops, and Hezbollah. Trump’s claims about the US being responsible for these victories, are simply utterly false propagandistic b***s***. Anyone believeing the Trumpian narrative in this regard is so misinformed that they should not cast a vote.

And I haven’t even mentioned yet that the US presence on Syrian soil is completely illegal. The only foreign entities permitted to operate in Syria – since they are invited by the lawful Syrian authorities to be there legally – are Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. In Syria, the US is unquestionably an illegal invader by any standards of international law, and Trump has admitted that the US continues to occupy Syrian oil fields, which is a grave act of war against Syria and the Syrian people.

The only good thing in terms of Trump’s foreign policy, is that at least he didn’t start new conflagrations, nor did he cause as big of a disaster as he could have with Syrian and Iran. Overall, he has certainly done better than the preceding Demoncrat disaster Obama.

Weak on corruption.

To continue in another vein, on the night of the POTUS election of 2016, when it was clear that Trump had won, he immediately erased an entire section of his candidacy website, which had a fairly-detailed laundry list of things he would do to reverse the extremely costly and competely illegal Big Pharma & Big Insurance stranglehold on the US economy, which was codified by the terrible Obama-care fiasco (PPACA).

Well – Trump took that entire section down, and it has not been seen nor spoken of since. In other words, Trump promised to do something about PPACA and already-ruled-by-the-US-Supreme-Court-to-be-illegal medical-and-insurance monopolies in the US, and then he immediately reneged on this. It is the Marxist Obama’s PPACA which is in large part responsible for the evisceration of the US middle class, and which forces more and more people in the US to live with very little savings and an increasing amount of debt.

To clarify – there are already US Supreme Court rulings which by court-confirmed black letter law enable Trump to order these monopolies shut down instantly under the threat of criminal prosecution. But Trump has chosen to do nothing, thus enabling some very rich criminals to get even richer, at the cost of the US middle class. Utterly unacceptable.


Both candidates are unsuitable clowns, but Trump is slightly better than CCP-Biden.

From the above exposés, it is apparent that both CCP-Biden and Trump are utterly unsuitable clowns, neither of which should ever had made it to the top of their respective parties POTUS tickets.

Indeed, it can be comfortably argued that both candidates belong in jail, one for extreme corruption and the other for several counts of grave violations of international law.

Since I am not American, I have to argue that Trump is the safer candidate. There needs to be a reasonable balance of power between the three big powers US, China and Russia, and Joe Biden is simply too compromised by China to be able to maintain this balance. Trump is more able and more willing to engage the dangerous Chinese Communist regime, which makes him a slightly safer candidate for the world at large. Regrettably though, this comes at a continued cost to smaller nations that the US has continued to illegally harass under Trump, such as Syria but also Iran.

Trump is also pushing back against the extremely dangerous and destructive Marxist tendencies threatening to tear the US (and thereafter, large part of the Western world) apart completely, while Joe Biden is actively encouraging Communism and Marxism.

All in all, Trump is a better candidate than Biden, even if only quite-marginally so.


Holding US Marxist tech stocks is insanity.

Most of the advance in the US markets off the March 2020 lows, has occurred in the Marxist so-called Big Tech stocks such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and similar nonsensical clown stocks.

Let me first dispense with this ridiculous “Big Tech” label. There is nothing particularly groundbreaking or “techhie” with running a censored Marxist micro-blog such as Twitter.

There is nothing in what Facebook does that is similarly “groundbreaking” – it’s simply a platform to sell advertisement and (illegally…?) harvested personal data.

Amazon? Ah yes, a big online shopping center which is in clear violation of tax laws and a few other commerce laws – but what is so “techhie” about this?

Google does have some pretty advanced algorithms (which will no doubt be used to down-rank or shadowban this article or perhaps the entire website, since Communists, Marxists and CCP-Biden supporters are an easily offendable bunch of weak, snowflakeish anti-democratic totalitarian Communist muppetry), but is regrettably just another Marxist censorshop outfit at this point.

The valuations some of these stocks have currently, are utterly ridiculous. Furthermore, if Trump wins, and there are pretty strong indications that mainstream polling is yet again getting his actual level of support completely wrong, he will have a 4-year period with a pro-Republican-tilted US Supreme Court and likely control of the US Senate, to start going after these Marxist outfits that are clearly violating Section 230 of the CDA, and are his political enemies.

Nobody in their right mind would hold any of these outwardly Marxist-affiliated Big “Tech” stocks for even one more trading day. Even if CCP-Biden might win, the companies are still greatly overvalued simply on the basis of fundamentals.

The market is always wrong – it goes from one erroneous position to the next. The current build-up of record US stock market highs, driven largely by high-political risk Marxist censorships outfits and a US Dollar being rapidly destroyed by the clueless and dubious market interventions by the hyperinflationary Fraudulent Reserve, have created a hugely dangerous asset bubble which is quite likely to spectacularly pop, irrespective of who wins the most dirty US presidential election ever, involving two terribly flawed clown candidates.