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Track record: Our comments on Obamacare from 2010.

In the US Presidential Election going on today, the now-apparent-to-all-disaster Obamacare (formally, PPACA), has become a major issue. Everyone is quick to denounce it, from Hillary Clinton (who supported it before), to Bill Clinton, to Donald Trump, the latter wants to complete “repeal and replace” it, as his catch phrase sounds.

We are on record back in 2010, to have predicted the disastrous consequences of the PPACA-package. We predicted that it would lead to tough conditions both for insurance takers and insurance providers, because of the way the PPACA was structured. We also mentioned the penalty you have to pay to the IRS if you don’t have any health insurance, as well the consequences of this law, being severe for businesses of all types, especially small-to-mid-size businesses.

Now, 6 (almost 7) years later, the results are in, and our predictions about the Obamacare package were proven correct.

The original, and quite angry comment we wrote about the now-proven-to-all disastrous PPACA “reform” is accessible here (but is in Swedish, if you care to translate it to verify it): .