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Get the trading and investing advantage you've been looking for, with our Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses, packaged in a subscription with daily updates. Through our services, you get unparallelled Directional & Structural Predictability analyses and Risk/Reward estimates.

Our services are offered to a limited number of clients only, because we wish to prevent a loss of our edge, which can result from too many traders and investors acting upon a particular analysis conclusion. If you are in search of professional financial market analyses, you should consider securing a subscription slot, while/if they are available.

We have a track record of accurate analyses.

Years of experience, continuous hard work and innovation, ensures we can deliver a steady flow of useful and accurate technical analyses to you on a daily basis. We regularly post updates about how our analyses turned out for any of the 20 financial markets we regularly analyze.

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The 3 keys to the financial markets

In order to trade and invest effectively, you need solid information about the current market environment.

We seek to provide first-class information regarding all 3 key factors for any and all of the financial markets we analyze. Find out more about the 3 key factors below.

Directional Analysis

Directional Analysis is the process of determining to where the financial markets are likely to move next. Getting market direction right is important for extracting and developing suitable trade entries and targets.

This is best done on multiple time frames, which is why we provide analysis on Monthly, Weekly and Daily time frames.

Predictability Estimates

The current predictability of any financial market. Predictability influences risk management, as well as reliability of directional analysis.

By their nature, financial markets move into and out of phases with high predictability. This means that wave structure analysis moves from a clear picture to a chaotic picture. Being aware of the current predictability influences directional analysis and risk management positively.

Predictability estimates are included in all of our analysis sections.


An idea of the Risk/Reward at present. Risk/Reward estimates give an indication of position sizing and suitable entry and exit strategies. Risk/Reward estimates are included in all our analysis sections.

The inner workings of our Elliott Wave Theory subscription services

At EWT Investing, we use our proprietary Extended Elliott Wave Theory to arrive at superior analysis results.

Analyses made with the Extended Elliott Wave Theory

We have developed our own Extended Elliott Wave Theory. The extensions we've made to the original Elliott Wave Principle increase the objectivity of its analysis conclusions. Trading, investing and risk management is thus made easier - because the analysis conclusions are robust.

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Our Extended Elliott Wave Theory operates with more rules and guidelines compared to the original Elliott Wave Principle. The improved guidelines and stricter rules of our Extended EWT result in:

1. Improved pattern classification, which can either point out high probability trades or warn of a treacherous market environment which is best avoided.

2. A stronger re-analysis process of past patterns, which in turn projects conditions forward in time.

3. Structurally critical levels are easier to extract.

Under the Extended Elliott Wave Theory, patterns have to make sense both in the immediate and in the past. The analysis process of our Extended EWT is much more rigorous and excluding compared to standard Elliott Wave Theory.

We use multiple technical analysis systems in order to solidify our analysis conclusions. The financial markets vary in predictability with any given method.

Our Extended Elliott Wave Theory usually provides stricter predictability & risk estimates compared to standard Elliott Wave Theory.

EWT Investing covers the global financial markets to make sure you know what's going on in the world.

We cover worldwide financial markets.

Presently, we provide analysis coverage of the world's major financial markets, including stock indices, some commodities, Forex pairs and bonds.

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Here are the worldwide financial markets we presently follow, by region and by type.

Stock Markets

Americas: S&P500 (USA), NASDAQ Composite (USA), Bovespa Index (IBovespa) (Brazil).

Europe: DAX 30 (Germany), FTSE 100 (UK), CAC40 (France), AEX (the Netherlands), SMI (Switzerland), OMXSPI (Sweden), MICEX (Russia).

Asia: Shanghai Composite (China), Nikkei 225 (Japan), BSE Sensex (India).


Gold /USD, Silver /USD, Crude Oil Brent /USD.

Forex & Bonds

EUR/USD, USD/JPY, US Dollar Index, 10-Year US Treasury Notes.

Here at EWT Investing, you'll get opinions on the financial markets from professional traders.

Learn more about how professional traders act.

Our analysts are also professional traders. There's a difference between how non-trader analysts and traders view the markets, especially with respect to risk management.

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We offer technical analyses made by professional traders - and professionals often consider risks differently than non-professionals.

For instance, we are not particularly concerned with offering grandiose statements about possible upcoming market events. Real analysis and trading work is about maintaining a flow of steady work and a steady technical picture and understanding of the markets.

That is what EWT Investing offers you. A solid, concise, non-hyperbolic stream of technical analysis coverage of the worldwide financial markets we follow.

In our analyis work, we make certain you are aware of risk, directional probabilities and predictability - all through our proprietary and unique Extended Elliott Wave Theory.

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Global Elliott Wave Coverage

...and get Extended EWT Technical Analyses on 20 financial markets all in one package

We've rolled all of our technical analyses on the 20 financial markets we continually track, into a subscription service called Global Elliott Wave Coverage. Through this subscription you get Daily Updates on 20 different financial markets around the world, including major stock market indices, as well as Gold, Silver, Crude Oil Brent, some Forex, and US Treasuries.

When you log in and access the Subscribers-Only sections, you get access to both Trend and Structural Predictability Estimates, written technical analysis commentary on Monthly, Weekly and Daily (as well as Daily CWE channel) time frames - in addition to Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Daily CWE technical analysis charts for the currently 20 global financial markets included in the Global Elliott Wave Coverage. Below are some sample screenshots to give you an idea of what you get access to as a subscriber (click the charts to open full-size versions).

Sample chart from our Subscribers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A preview of technical analysis commentary in the analysis sections.
Sample Technical Analysis chart from our Subsrcibers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A preview of technical analysis charts that go with written analysis.

Financial Markets included in the Global Elliott Wave Coverage subscription

S&P 500

3x / week

Get Access to Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses of the DAX 30 Index - EWT Investing

DAX 30

3x / week

Get Access to Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses of Gold/USD - EWT Investing


3x / week

Get Access to Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses of Global Stock Market Indices - EWT Investing

Global Stock Markets

1x / week

Get Access to Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses of Crude Oil Brent and Silver/USD - EWT Investing

Crude Oil & Silver

1x / week

Get Access to Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses of EUR/USD, USD/JPY, US Dollar Index and 10-Year US Treasuries - EWT Investing

Forex & US Treasuries

1x / week

The Global Elliott Wave Coverage subscription presently covers the S&P500, DAX30 and Gold/USD 3x per week. The remaining 17 financial markets in the subscription package are updated 1x week.

In total, the Global Elliott Wave Coverage subscription covers these 20 financial markets: S&P500 (USA), DAX30 (Germany), Gold/USD, NASDAQ Composite (USA), Shanghai Composite (China), Nikkei 225 (Japan), AEX (the Netherlands), CAC40 (France), FTSE 100 (UK), OMXSPI (Sweden), SMI (Switzerland), BSE Sensex (India), Bovespa Index (IBovespa) (Brazil), MICEX (Russia), Silver/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, US Dollar Index, Crude Oil Brent, 10-Year US Treasury Notes (USA).

Our Global Elliott Wave Coverage offers you a far greater amount of high-quality technical analyses per dollar spent, than any of our competitors do. Feel free to check them out (no, we won't link to them...), and then come back here and make the only rational choice.

We offer our services to a limited number of clients. The total subscription base will not exceed 1000 people at any time, in order to preserve the edge and advantage of our work. Secure a subscription slot now while they are still available.

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