Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses on global financial markets

EWT Investing provides Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses on financial markets across the world - stock market indices, commodities and FX crosses. The Extended EWT framework is a derivative and extension of classical Elliott Wave Theory (Elliott Wave Principle), which enables a more objective analysis process as well as a clearer understanding of risk.

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Our Extended Elliott Wave Theory contains more rules and guidelines compared to the original Elliott Wave Principle. The improved guidelines and stricter rules of our Extended EWT result in:

1. Better understanding of market predictability.

The improved pattern classification of our Extended EWT stands a greater chance of finding high probability directional trades or warn of a treacherous market environment which is best avoided due to low predictability and more difficult risk management.

2. Greater integrity regarding the pattern analysis process.

Central to the Extended EWT is a continuous re-analysis process of past patterns. The current market structure/formation has a role in solidifying or rejecting previous pattern analysis conclusions, which in turn projects conditions forward in time that must or should be met in the current market environment. The net result of this analysis process is a clearer indication of likely market direction, as well as a clearer indication of market environments in which risk management is more difficult.

3. Risk management becomes more nuanced

Because of the greater amount of rules and guidelines in Extended EWT, markets deviating from expected outcomes will telegraph if the deviation is scenario-breaking, with less ambiguity than what is typically attained using classical EWT.

Global Elliott Wave Coverage

The Global Elliott Wave Coverage (GEWC) package grants the client regular (weekly and bi-weekly) technical analysis updates on 15 financial markets: stock markets in the Americas, Asia, Europe; commodities; FX crosses.

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Here are the worldwide financial markets we presently analyze, by region and by type.

Stock Markets
the Americas: Bovespa Index (IBovespa) (Brazil), S&P 500 (USA).
Asia: BSE Sensex (India), Nikkei 225 (Japan).
Europe: CAC 40 (France), DAX 30 (Germany), FTSE 100 (UK), MOEX (Russia), OMXSPI (Sweden), WIG Index (Poland).

Crude Oil Brent /USD, Gold /USD, Silver /USD.

Forex & Bonds
€/$ EUR/USD, $/¥ USD/JPY.

Additional markets can be added at request.

Concise & Distilled - saving your time.

Long experience in the field of technical analysis and trading enables the analysis presentations to be distilled, which serves to prevent information overload or bloating on part of the recipient of the analyses. Charts on 4 time frames (for every market included) along with concise explanations serve as the backbone of the GEWC package.

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Sample chart from our Subscribers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A sample of Technical Analysis commentary in the TA-sections. Click it to view it in full-size.

Clear & Concise Technical Analyses

  • Trend Direction estimates. Knowing the current trend direction is important for proper risk management and trade management.
  • Estimated Predictability. The financial markets vary in structural predictability.
  • Important Levels. If there are any relevant buy/sell signal levels or structurally decisive levels that are likely to result in a specific market movement, they are included in the Risk/Reward comments.
  • Technical Analysis & Extended Elliott Wave Theory Commentary. We offer concise and descriptive TA & Extended EWT texts, describing what we think the markets will do next.
Sample Technical Analysis chart from our Subsrcibers-only S&P500 analysis section.
A sample of a technical analysis charts that go with written analysis. Click the chart to view a full-size version.

Rich TA Charts

  • Technical Indicators. Our TA charts include commonly used and useful indicators such as BBands, RSI, Stochastic and MACD.
  • Moving Averages. A selection of important DMA's that generally have value as trend indicators and moving support/resistance levels are included on the charts.
  • Critical Levels. Important critical & trigger levels are drawn.
  • Extended Elliott Wave Theory labels. Extended Elliott Wave Theory labels are of course included in the charts.

Regular consultations

Regular 1-hour long weekly consultations are included* in the GEWC package. The consultations are aimed at clarifying any financial market analyses the client wishes to discuss further. This would include activities such as 1) delving deeper into the wave structures as needed; 2) elucidations on possible wave structure developments; 3) risk management discussions in terms of the wave structures.
* = This component is not available in full for certain client categories in certain jurisdictions.

Best suited for clients active in international financial markets

Our GEWC package is best suited for clients active in several different international stock markets, or whom routinely have positions in a singular market but which benefit from perspectives on international stock markets with respect to risk management - and whom take positions inteded to typically be held for >5 days up to possibly several months.

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With regularity, financial markets move into periods of reduced predictability and more ambiguous Elliott Wave structures. At those times, performing a "cross examination" of different financial markets that on a larger time perspective seem to be moving in the same structure, can bring additonal clarity to the analysis process of the one market one is currently most interested in.

Hence, while the most benefit of our GEWC package will be extracted for clients that are active in several financial markets across the world, clients with a more narrow focus on just one or just a few stock markets are still likely to benefit at times from a broader perspective.

Limited availability

Our analyses are intended for a limited audience - the Global Elliott Wave Coverage (GEWC) package is not intended for the general public in any nation. We only serve a limited amount of clients at any time. The financial markets move in pattern complexes that play out inbetween bifurcation points. Widely distributed pattern analyses will fail more often due to market participants reacting to any popularzied market outcome scenario. Hence, our analyses are only available to a limited amount of clients.