Are you ready to improve your trading results with our Premium cross-asset class analyses?

Our Extended Elliott Wave Theory analyses bring you greater clarity regarding the global financial markets.

EWT Investing provides a cross-asset class analysis package on the global financial markets. Having a clear perspective on the biggest global financial markets, is necessary in order to survive and thrive in today's trading environment.

Our analysts are profitable traders. We know what we're talking about when it comes to the financial markets. We even have a dedicated section wherein we post regular updates on our analyses - something our competitors are not doing.

Learn if a market is currently predictable and if so, where it's likely to head next.

Successful trading comes down to having a clear perspective on the current market structure, and where it might head next. If you don't have that, your positioning will suffer and cause you to be whipsawed, or worse. We strive to uncover the current market predictability and likely trend direction, on multiple time frames.

Improve your trading results by having a clear perspective on the financial markets.

By having a clear perspective on the markets, you can avoid emotional trading, which frequently leads to a trader being whipsawed in and out of positions at the very worst times.

Get expert analyses normally only available to high net-worth investors

EWT Investing provides superior cross-asset class analyses on the global financial markets, to sophisticated investors, traders and wealth managers. Since we strive to keep our analyses relevant, we will not offer our analyses to an unlimited audience. You should act immediately to become a subscriber while there are still subscription slots available.

Our technical analysis services in greater detail

At EWT Investing, we use our proprietary Extended Elliott Wave Theory to arrive at superior analysis results.

Financial market analyses made with the Extended Elliott Wave Theory

We have developed our own extensions to the original Elliott Wave Theory. The extensions we've made to the original Elliott Wave Principle increase the objectivity of its analysis conclusions. Trading, investing and risk management is thus made easier - because the analysis conclusions are robust.

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Our Extended Elliott Wave Theory contains more rules and guidelines compared to the original Elliott Wave Principle. The improved guidelines and stricter rules of our Extended EWT result in:

1. High probability of catching profitable market moves.

The improved pattern classification of our Extended EWT, stands a greater chance than most analysis methods, of finding high probability directional trades (the trades which make the most money) or warn of a treacherous market environment which is best avoided due to low predictability and more difficult risk management.

2. A holistic technical analysis process.

Central to the Extended EWT, is a continuous re-analysis process of past patterns. The current market structure/formation has a role in solidifying or rejecting previous pattern analysis conclusions, which in turn projects conditions forward in time that must or should be met in the current market environment.

The net result of this analysis process is a clearer indication of likely market direction, as well as a clearer indication of market environments in which risk management is more difficult (i.e. perhaps less suitable for taking positions).

3. Risk management becomes easier

Because of the greater amount of rules and guidelines in our Extended EWT, it's easier to find out when a market starts misbehaving (compared to the expected outcome).

Since the Extended EWT also dictates that market predictability varies over time, we use multiple technical analysis systems in order to solidify our analysis conclusions.

EWT Investing covers the global financial markets to make sure you know what's going on in the world.

We analyze worldwide financial markets.

We provide analysis coverage of the world's major financial markets, including stock indices, some commodities, Forex pairs and bonds.

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Here are the worldwide financial markets we presently analyze, by region and by type.

Stock Markets

The Americas: S&P 500 (USA), NASDAQ Composite (USA), Bovespa Index (IBovespa) (Brazil).

Europe: DAX 30 (Germany), FTSE 100 (UK), CAC 40 (France), AEX (the Netherlands), SMI (Switzerland), OMXSPI (Sweden), MICEX (Russia).

Asia: Shanghai Composite (China), Nikkei 225 (Japan), BSE Sensex (India).


Gold /USD, Silver /USD, Crude Oil Brent /USD.

Forex & Bonds

€/$ EUR/USD, $/¥ USD/JPY, US Dollar Index, 10-Year US Treasury Notes.

Here at EWT Investing, you'll get opinions on the financial markets from professional traders.

Learn more about how professional traders approach trading & risk management.

Our analysts are also professional traders. There's a difference between how non-trader analysts compared to traders view the markets, especially with respect to risk management.

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We offer technical analyses made by professional traders - and professional traders consider and appraise financial market risks differently than non-professionals.

We aren't concerned with offering grandiose headline-grabbing statements about possible upcoming market events. Real technical analysis and professional trading is about maintaining a flow of steady work and a steady technical picture (i.e., no flip-flopping from day to day) and understanding of the financial markets.

Article about Our Trading Records.

EWT Investing has a track record of successful and accurate financial market analyses.

We have a track record of accurate analyses.

Years of experience and continuous hard work ensures we can deliver a steady flow of useful and accurate technical analyses to you on a daily basis.

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We regularly post updates about how our analyses turned out for any of the 20 financial markets we regularly analyze: Results of our Technical Analyses with the Extended Elliott Wave Theory.